About Breaking11™

Breaking11 is an exciting and revolutionary effort that has put an extremely fuel-efficient, tractor-trailer to work on the road. This working rig actually hauls all types of freight, throughout the United States and Canada. This is a practical approach to solving real concerns.

Our second test truck is a 2015 Kenworth T660 Glider with an 86" AeroCab AERODYNE® Sleeper. It is powered by a re-manufactured Detroit Diesel 12.7L 60 series engine with an Eaton Fuller 13-speed transmission.

The tractor pulls a 2015 MAC aluminum flatbed, covered with a contoured Quick Draw Tarpaulin System™. The tractor affectionately referred to as "Faith", was be put to work in August of 2015.

First Project Rig

Our First Test Rigs

With both project rigs, our intent, in part, was to operate it like a rolling laboratory that would enable us to test and evaluate the commercial-viability and practical application of various components and technologies.

The single most expensive line item of our ledger was diesel fuel. That’s probably the case for most, if not all, professional drivers. Our operating budget was based upon a rig with a fuel economy of 7 miles per gallon (mpg). The problem was that our rig averaged only 6.1 mpg. The difference of 0.9 mpg meant that we’d be spending roughly $9,000 more in annual fuel expenses. That additonal expense was completely unacceptable, so it sparked our passion and relentless quest toward becoming more fuel efficient.

After three months of driving the rig as purchased, we began making changes to both the tractor and trailer. Examples of some of the changes are described below.

To reduce drag, we removed or modified various components (e. g. cab entry grab bars, chains and chain hooks hanging off the trailer, passenger side step mirror, oversized license plate holder, etc). Six 4’ x 4’ x 8’ pieces of lumber, used for dunnage, were relocated inside. The mud flaps were raised from 3" to 7" above the pavement. In total, the changes represented close to 1,000 square inches of surface area.

One of the most significant contributions to fuel savings involved replacing the tires, especially the drive tires, with Michelin® X Line Energy Tires. This improved our mileage by approximately 0.5 mpg to 0.7 mpg.

We also converted to all Chevron® lubricants. Their products were used in the drive train and rear ends, as well as DELO® 400-XLE, 10W-30 motor oil. This improved our mileage by an additional 0.2 mpg to 0.4 mpg.

We experimented with a number of aerodynamic features on this first rig. The most noticeable feature was a trailer under-belly with a v-haul closure that intersected with an air diverter at the first axle, as well as an inflatable trailer tail.

Our efforts netted a 2.3 mpg increase, bringing the fuel mileage up to 8.4 mpg and saving 5,162 gallons of fuel annually.

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