An update from Mike

The past few weeks have been a bit crazy here at Breaking11.

In mid-December we began an effort to pinpoint/remedy a significant torque vibration that had developed in our Kenworth T660 Glider.

Week 1

• Changed #2 injector
• Reset overhead
• Isolated an exhaust mounting bracket
• Verified ride height
• Performed a complete alignment
• Called in a vibration specialist
• Checked motor mounts
• Lifted the engine, shimmed out the front engine support member, re-installed engine
• Changed out the clutch and clutch housing
• Checked the flywheel
• Checked the pilot bearing
• Re-balanced the drive shaft

Results: in many test-runs throughout and at the end of the above no improvement was made to reduce the vibration.

Week 2
• Did some trucking, to maintain cash flow.

Week 3

• The manufacturer of my glider switched out the engine and transmission.

Results: Still no improvement in the vibration.

The cause of the vibration has left many puzzled and frustrated.We are looking at the impact that this problem will have on our project and how it might alter our current direction.

The pursuit of double digit fuel mileage is still on our radar. More information will be forthcoming as things develop. Meanwhile I keep ‘trucking on’ (with a ‘little’ vibration.)Breaking11Breaking11-2

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