Breaking11 celebrates first anniversary

It’s been about a year since Mike Niss began his Breaking11 initiative, with the goal of achieving maximum fuel efficiency, lower operating costs, and cleaner emissions for Class 8 tractor-trailer combinations.

Today, he’s still on his mission to get 11 miles per gallon or more in fuel efficiency.


“Even at $2.50 a gallon, not to mention $3-plus per gallon, fuel is a big part of our operating costs,” he said. “Working toward an additional mile or two per gallon could be a real game changer based on the more than three million trucks running freight in the United States alone.”

For Mike, who began his career as a mechanical engineer before switching to commercial and residential building, the Breaking11 project has also proved to be enjoyable.

“Experimenting with different technologies and designing and building aerodynamic components is interesting if not fun,” he said.

What’s next for Mike?

“Some of the early setbacks allowed us to cross paths with a number of industry experts, many who have made it their mission to help Breaking11 reach its goal,” he said.

As Mike and the Breaking11 team continue to work toward that goal through the implementation of aerodynamics and engine performances, “we have begun to set our sights on a number of advanced new technologies.”

“These fresh ideas bring about exciting opportunities as we strive to expand the upper limits of fuel efficiency,” he said.

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