Breaking11 Chooses NITE Phoenix by Bergstrom

no idle2

no idleIn an effort to reduce idling and not have a second diesel engine to maintain, Breaking11 has chosen the NITE Phoenix system by Bergstrom. It is the premier battery powered no-idle temperature control system, featuring:

• Cooling – Electrified AC units runs on (4) auxiliary AGM/deep cell batteries
• Heating – Espar diesel-fired heater
• Larger compressor delivers 7,500 BTU/h of cooling
• 8 – 10 hours of run time
• New LCD digital user interface and battery monitoring system. Featuring on-board service diagnostics, automatic temperature control and check filter function.
• Optional Shore power battery charging system.
• Optional power inverter.

The NITE Phoenix is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free. The system is also CARB approved.

Depending on the price of diesel and considering our amount of idling time (considerably less than some), we are estimating a 24-month pay back on the NITE system. However in the bigger picture, the greatest benefactor is the environment, as we cut back the idle time on thousands of trucks.

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