CENTRAMATIC makes for improved fuel economy, better ride

wheel balancersFor improved fuel economy and a better ride, Breaking11 added CENTRAMATIC wheels balancers to the rig, utilized at all tire positions, steers, drives and trailer.

CENTRAMATIC uses weights in an aluminum balancing ring that move opposite of out-of-balance points as each wheel rotates. Wheels are both dynamically and statically balanced at all times.

CENTRAMATIC wheel balancers improve fuel economy by as much as 2 percent, reduce/eliminate tire hopping and vibration, and lower operating temperature.

Their ‘on-board’ technology is patent-protected and has stood the test of time. In fact, large commercial fleets consistently experience increased tire tread life of 25 percent or more.

When the vehicle is retired, you can easily transfer CENTRAMATIC wheel balancers to your next rig.

For the first 30-days, CENTRAMATIC offers a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Afterwards, they support their product with a nationwide, limited warranty period of five years.

Here are some benefits of using CENTRAMATIC balancers;

• One time investment
• Low price, cost-effective product
• Extends tire life 25 or more
• Tires Run 8 to 10 percent cooler
• Helps control tire cupping
• Dampens road vibration
• Improves handling and reduces driver fatigue
• 5-year unlimited warranty
• Quick simple installation
• Permanent, continuous balance

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