Even rigs need a makeover sometimes

As storage space for personal belongings is a real premium within a semi’s sleeper compartment, the Breaking11 rig recently underwent a little remodeling.

With the help of Jon Bartelt, owner of J.E.B. Construction, located in the Chicago suburbs the bunk was removed and removed, and maple cabinets were installed.

According to Mike:

A piece of 5/8″ plywood was attached to the sleeper’s sub structure, providing for a solid surface to mount the cabinets. As I’m sure the cabinet manufacturer did not intend for his product to take the jarring of 10 hours per day on US highways, we used 24 screws to secure the cabinets in place (where a normal installation would use 8 to 10 fasteners). After which, I used silicone caulk at all the intersecting joints, inside and out.

Although no help to overall fuel efficiency, the additional storage is wonderful.



B11Thanks to Jon and Home Depot for a successful remodel.

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