“Many roadblocks but we are still standing”

A third engine has been installed in the Breaking11 tractor. It too is a pre-emissions Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine (12.7 liters). The difference is that this engine has been remanufactured to Detroit Diesel’s original equipment specifications.

From the beginning, this engine ran rough when it was cold. On March 25, I drove my tractor to an authorized Detroit Diesel service location for a professional evaluation. A determination was made that a couple of the injectors were failing – which were promptly replaced under warranty.

Our third engine has logged approximately 12,000 miles. After we complete the break-in period (30,000 miles), we plan to fine tune the engine using a dynamometer. Then, we plan to install a variable geometry turbo and replace the stock air cleaner with a filter that allows for better air flow to the engine.

While mindful of the mechanical concerns that have confronted us during the past nine months, we remain firm in our belief that the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine is among the most durable, best performing engines designed/available for Class 8 trucks.

During our experience, we have encountered a number of individuals who are interested in supporting us toward attaining our goal of achieving 11 miles per gallon.

We remain committed to this project and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

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