Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems “exceeds expectations”

We have been pulling an aluminum flatbed trailer covered with a Quick Draw Tarpaulin System for approximately three years. The modular design is of premium quality and is very easy to operate. The tensioning mechanism is arguably the best in the industry.

The durability of the Quick Draw Tarpaulin System has exceeded our expectations–withstanding multiple, punishing tests of all sorts of situations. To this day it has a ‘like-new’ condition and has required minimal maintenance. Many systems exceed a life expectancy of 10-years.

Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems offer laser printing capabilities that turn any trailer into an affordable and effective rolling billboard, providing a revenue-generating opportunity with which to capitalize.

When the time came for us to select a supplier for our Breaking11 rig, without hesitation we turned to Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems.

In working with the aerodynamic concept of our tractor/trailer, the staff at Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems thought outside the box and bent over backwards to produce a system that varied in height with a significant arch at the top. The system also opens in the middle, which when mounted to our low-ride trailer provides us with the ability to transport freight with a height of as much as 108”.

The contour of our tractor/trailer, primarily the arched roof of our tarp system, will contribute to our overall fuel savings by .3 to .5 mpg.

Features of the Quick Draw Tarpaulin System include:

• Modular Construction
• Track & Wheel Design
• Front Tensioning
• High-strength Aerodynamic Headboard
• Self Sealing – Requires No Bungee Cords Or Cables
• Rear Brace & Bow Design
• Diverse Tie Down Accommodations
• Serial Numbers
• Safe – Total Ground Control
• Fast & Easy
• Best Warranty




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